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How is the treatment done? While you lie on a comfortable bed, the therapist applies a special patch on your skin, to determine the depth at which the Radiofrequency waves must operate in order to obtain the desired result. The therapist applies mineral oil on the treated area and presses the machine vanquish fat burner gently on the skin, making circular movements.

By reaching a high temperature at the deeper layers of the skin, the fat cells are diluted, while fibroblasts are stimulated to produce more collagen. Exilis Elite uses two applicators, one for the face and one for the body. What problems does it solve?

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Being recognized by top specialists as the perfect solution for tightening, lifting and sculpting the body, while assisting the process of fat burning, the therapy with Exilis Elite works in a perfect combination with Vanquish ME, providing a total solution for reshaping and sculpturing the entire body, from head to toe.

Exilis Elite is recommended for fat reduction and skin tightening in areas of the body such as arms, knees, back, thighs and breast.

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What are the results? After each Exilis Ultra session, fat cells are vanquish fat burner, while skin gets tightened due to collagen production stimulation.


Depending on the treated area, you will notice vanquish fat burner loss of centimeters, not necessarily of body weight, since the treatment works at a cellular level, shaping the targeted area.

Skin tightening will be visible after the first sessions, with even more visible results three weeks after the last treatment, when the body will have had enough time to adjust to the treatment.

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Exilis Ultra aims at targeting the fat, while simultaneously tightening and lifting the skin and creating a long lasting result. Are the results permanent?

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The fat cells that are destroyed during this process cannot regenerate. For this reason, you will notice that even if you might gain weight in the future, the treated area of the body will remain in a harmonious shape. Regarding skin tightening, due to the stimulation of collagen production, the effects will persist for at least one year.

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For even longer lasting results, it is recommended that you follow up with a maintenance session every six months. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are necessary to achieve the best possible results and to sustain them over a long period of time.

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How many treatments are needed? In order to obtain the optimal results, a treatment cycle of sessions is recommended, depending on your body type, evaluation and the treated area. In order for the body to best respond to the treatment with Exilis Ultra, sessions must be scheduled every one or maximum two weeks. Does it hurt or leave scars?

YuGiOh Legacy Hunter - AST-067 - Super Rare - Unlimited Edition Near Mint

The Exilis Ultra treatment is completely noninvasive and painless. Using an innovative technology, deeper levels of the skin are heated when it targets the fat, while outer layers of the skin are being heated and cooled simultaneously when the aim is skin tightening and rejuvenation.

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This procedure is painless and you will only experience a feeling of a warm embrace in the treated area.